Feuling Catalogue

Table of Contents2
Reaper Brand Products3
Reaper Series Camshafts3
Reaper Series Gear Drive Camshafts & Cam Gear Kits4
Reaper Series Chain Drive Camshafts5
Reaper Series 'Conversion' Chain Drive Camshafts6
Cam & Crank Sprockets7
Reaper Series Camshafts for EVO Engines8
Reaper Series Camshafts for XLs9
Reaper Series Camshafts for Milwaukee Eight10
Milwaukee Eight Cam Kits11
Econo Beehive Valve Springs12
Endurance Beehive Valve Springs13
High Load Beehive Valve Springs14
Valve Locks & Springs15
Spring Seat Shims16
Valve Seals16
Oil Filter Coolers17
Replacement Parts for Oil Filter/Cooler Kits18
Offset Oil Filter Adapter18
Gaskets & Kits19
Milwaukee Eight Camshaft Installation Kit20
XL Engine Camshaft Installation Kits21
Twin Cam Engine Camshaft Installation Kits '99-'1622
Timken Outer Cam Bearings23
Koyo Torrington Inner Cam Bearings23
Timken Steering Head Bearings/Races23
ARP Brand Products24
ARP Cylinder Stud & Head Bolt Kits24
ARP Head Bolt Kits25
ARP Cylinder Head Bolts for Pan, Shovel, and XL25
ARP Engine Dress-Up Fastener Kits26
ARP External Engine Dress-Up Fastener Kits27
ARP Internal Engine Fasteners - 8740 Chrome Moly28
Milwaukee Eight Internal Engine Fastener Kits29
ARP Complete T/C Engine Fastener Kits30
Oil Tank Breather Kits31
Replacement Pushrod Nuts36
Crankshaft Bearing Races/Thrust Washer Kits36
Oil Pumps37
High Flow Camplates43
Oiling System Kits47
Oil Pump/Camplate Kits49
Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Conversion Kits50
Camchest Kits51
Chain Guide Tower & Tensioner Pins55
Bearing Retainer Plate55
Plunger, Spring, Roll Pin Kit55
Camplate Chain Tensioner Pins55
Block Off Plates56
Pressure Relief Springs56
Camplate/Oil Pump Fastener Kit56
Cam Spacers and Thrust Washers57
Cam Chains for Twin Cam Engines57
Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Assemblies58
Replacement Tensioner Pads58
Hydraulic Chain Tensioner/Chains/Sprocket/Spacer Kits59
Milwaukee Eight Engine Stand60
Lifter Bore Measuring Kit60
Oil Squirt Can60
Pressure Relief Tools61
Air Regulator62
Crankshaft Run Out & Gear Drive Backlash Measuring Tool62
Oil Pressure Accessories63
Branded Covers, Clamps, and Plates64
Oxygen Sensors67
Fuel Injectors70
Throttle Position & Map Sensors72
Ideal Air Control72
K&N Oil Filters73
James Gaskets Head Gaskets75
Spark Plugs76
Feuling Merchandise79
Cylinder Head Tools83
Valve Guide Cutter & Pilots83
Valve Spring Height Gauge83
Twin Cam Engine Tech Memo84
Trouble Shooting86

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