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As I sit here and type this, it is hard to believe that we’ve been at it for over 20-years now! There have been so many trends that have come and gone and even come back again, but one thing is for sure, everyone here at NAMZ prides themselves in providing YOU with the very best products and service. Whether you are a new customer or have been using our products for years, the message remains the same. We want to be “the” one stop shop, the industry’s best source for electrical connectors, wiring harnesses, installation supplies, Badlands modules and LED lighting! Without you, our loyal customers, we wouldn’t be here, so here’s to YOU, Happy 20- Year Anniversary to us, both! May we continue to be along with you for the next 20-years, rubber side down. JZ Ÿ ALL NAMZ electrical products including harnesses, pigtails and modules, including Badlands Modules are MADE IN THE USA! That’s right, we make them right here in Pennsylvania, 5-days a week. That’s why we can offer YOU a LIFETIME warranty on many items.

Badlands Basic Color Codes

Ÿ Black: Ÿ Red: Ÿ Blue: Ÿ Orange:


Brown: Violet: Yellow: Gray:


RIGHT RUN-BRAKE-TURN output to rear turn signal LEFT RUN-BRAKE-TURN output to rear turn signal



Badlands Module Family (founded in 1990) All Badlands Modules EXCEPT for LE-01 & LE-02 have a LIFETIME warranty!

Fun Fact: Do you know the fastest and easiest way to fish wires through handlebars or a frame? The inside of a speedometer cable, yes, this spring-steel cable is AWESOME when fishing wires. Simply remove the cable from an old or new speedo cable, tape on your wiring and have at it! Fun Fact: Did you know that we sell over 20,000 Badlands modules a year? That is a lot of modules for sure and we also provide support for each one as well. Every once and a while, we get one sent back claiming to be defective when in reality, it wasn’t hooked up properly. But that’s what we’re here for, and the instructions are on our website! Each year, we average less than 6 ten-thousandth of a percent “defective”, that’s less than (12-modules) for every 20,000 sold! Ÿ ATS or Automatic Turn Signal Canceller: (All modules with ATS- prefix) These OEM style replacement or custom flashing modules provide self-canceling turn signals that last for 11-seconds before shutting off. Ÿ Brake Light Eliminator : (All modules with IHL-04 prefix) These modules were designed for ALL CAN/Bus models without a center taillight. The factory added the brake light function onto the high-filliment rear left and right turn signals preventing customers to use AMBER turn signals, tow a five wire trailer or even using center taillights with built-in turn signals. Ÿ Illuminator: (All modules with ILL- prefix) These are the industry’s first RUN-BRAKE-TURN signal modules with built-in Load Equalizer . If you want to convert your rear AMBER only turn signals to having RED running light, brake light and turn signal functions, this is your module. The load equalizer will prevent rapid flashing signals when changing bulbs over to LED’s. Ÿ Intensifier: (IHL-01, IHL-02 & IHL-03 prefix) These modules are intended to provide dual functions to a single function light. If you have a turn signal or taillight with (1) power wire, the IHL-01 will convert the light to high/low functions, (run/brake). The IHL-02 is designed for (2) single power wire lights and the compact IHL-03 will only work on a pair of LED’s no more than 500-milliamps per side. Ÿ Load Equalizer: (All modules with LE- prefix) These modules is where it all started back in 1990. The “originals” of preventing rapid flashing turn signals when converting to non-OEM bulbs or LED’s. Load equalizers simply match the amperage stock/OEM TSM or TSSM’s are looking for from a stock bulb, telling the bike all is okay. Ÿ Dynamic & Static Sequential Illuminator: These “industry first” modules provide sequential flashing turn signals on (3) LED’s left and (3) LED’s right when activated. They also provide running light and brake light functions with a built-in Load Equalizer. On the Dynamic version, each of the (3) LED’s will flash on then off before starting the sequence over again. On the Static version, each of the (3) LED’s will light and stay on before all (3) shut off and restart the sequence over again. Can use ANY LED you wish but they must be RED. Ÿ PRO-III: This “all-in-one” Illuminator module was intended for custom motorcycles or when performing a complete re-wire. It provides 11-second self-canceling turn signal functions, front left and right turn signal output (1 wire per side) has running light and turn signal functions, rear left and right turn signal output (1 wire per side) has running light, brake light and turn signal functions and there are left and right turn signal indicator wires for dash/instrument cluster.

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