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The 405 is a true workhorse, producing a wide powerband increasing torque and HP throughout the entire RPM range when compared to stock. Will respond well with slip-on mufflers and or complete exhaust system and a high flow air cleaner. RPM range 1,700 - 5,700.  The 465 Reaper is an accelerator, producing solid bottom end performance with substantial gains above 2,800 RPM when compared to stock. This cam will also respond well with increased bore and or compression. RPM range 1,850 - 5,950.

- HP+® SERIES Kits Kits include the HP+® oiling system consisting of billet 6061 aluminum high volume oil pump, HIGH FLOW camplate, HP+® Hydraulic roller lifters.

PART # DESCRIPTION Milwaukee 8 (17-Later oil cooled models) 7250 405 HP+ camchest kit 7251 465 HP+ camchest kit

- RACE SERIES® Kits Kits include a RACE SERIES® oiling system: billet 7075 oil pump, RACE SERIES® lifters, HIGH FLOW billet 7075 aluminum camplate.  Billet 7075 aluminum oil pump which is 50% harder and stronger than the factory pump holding tighter tolerances under temperature.  RACE SERIES® hydraulic lifters have a full .200" of total travel designed with a slower bleed down rate to handle heavy valve spring pressures, increase engine RPM before valve float and feature increased roller clearance for steep ramped camshafts and clearance for the Milwaukee Eight front exhaust camshaft lobe flange.

Milwaukee 8 (17-Later oil cooled models) 7260

465 RACE SERIES camchest kit


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