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Part # 7050

Part #: 7062

 7075 Billet aluminum with military spec hard anodized, blue printed and designed for the racer!  The 7075 alloy is 50% harder and stronger than 6061 aluminum and holds tighter tolerance under temperature  More pressure volume and more oil pressure  More scavenge volume eliminating power robbing wet sumping, blow - by and oily air cleaners  Cooler oil and engine temperatures  More horsepower, more torque, more oil pressure, more return volume  High Flow 4140 heat treated Chrome Moly gerotor gears  Stock replacement for Twin Cam® engines  When combined with the Feuling® Camplate test results show 3 Horsepower gain and 4 ft/lbs of Torque gain to the rear wheel, while- lowering engine & oil temperature. Feuling® NOT required.  Stock replacement for Twin Cam® engines, recommended for both strip & performance street engines  Made in the U.S.A.

Part # 7050 Twin Cam® ’99 – ’06 Except ’06 Dyna Part # 7062 Twin Cam® ’07-’16 Including ’06 Dyna


The NEW FEULING® SUPER SCAVENGER™ oil pump has an increased scavenge to pressure volume ratio creating the ultimate oil pump for Twin Cam engines. The SUPER SCAVENGER™ is manufactured using the same 7075 billet material and specs as the FEULING® RACE SERIES® oil pumps but feature a thinner pressure housing resulting in an increased ratio for the scavenge side of the oil pump.

Test results show a decrease in cylinder head temperatures and an increased amount of oil removed from engine crankcase & camchest eliminating power robbing wet sumping and oil carry over.

Pressure Volume 18% more than '99-'06 factory oil pump 10% more than '07-'16 factory oil pump 1% more than SE oil pump Scavenge Volume 60% more than '99-'06 factory oil pump 38% more than '07-'16 factory oil pump

#7059 - Fits Twin Cam® ’99 – ’06 Except ’06 Dyna #7069 - Fits Twin Cam® ’07-’16 Including ’06 Dyna

9% more than SE oil pump


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