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Eliminate pushrod flex, reduce valve-train harmonics and increase valve lift

Fixed Length 4130 Chrome moly one piece pushrods with swedged formed ends. Heavy duty 7/16" diameter tube with 0.165" wall thickness, precision concentricity, heat treated with a black oxide finish. Intake and Exhaust length pushrods are stock replacement lengths and designed to work with the factory base circle camshafts. These pushrods work with all Feuling® Milwaukee Eight camshafts.

Due to the unstable nature of this 4 valve engine design with 1 rocker arm activating 2 valvesprings Feuling® highly recommends running one piece pushrods over quick install adjustable rods to maintain maximum cam/valve lift and reduce valvetrian harmonics.


HP+® 0.165" Wall Fits: Milwaukee Eight® '17


FEULING® FAST INSTALL® adjustable pushrods are made from the same great design as the regular install FEULING® adjustable pushrods but feature a slightly shorter tapered tube and come disassembled allowing the engine builder to install the pushrods without removing the top rocker box. These pushrods feature a dual jam nut locking system and include FEULING® part #9012 which is a tool to hold the pushrod tubes up and out of the way while adjusting the pushrods. FEULING® pushrods can be used with the factory pushrod tubes and are the longest FAST INSTALL® pushrods available on the market. FEULING® pushrods use separate lengths for intake and exhaust which keeps the adjustment area to a minimum creating a FAST INSTALL® pushrod with maximum rigidity promoting maximum valve lift.

Twin Cam® ’99 – Present

Evolution® Big Twins ’84 – ‘99


FAST INSTALL ® 0.095” Wall


FAST INSTALL® 0.095 Wall


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