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Cycle Electric Inc Three Phase Charging Kits 38 Amp 45Amp and 50 Amp Kits Available

60 Series 38 Amp Three Phase Kits The 60 series kits produce 17 or 20 amps @ 1000 RPM (depending on the rotor used) and 38 amps @2500 RPM. Due to the compact size of the stator these kits are available to cover 1970 and later big twins and 1991 and later Sportsters without changing rotor shimming. See descriptions below and the applications chart on page 10 Cycle Electric Inc. three phase charging kits are an excellent choice to upgrade your old charging system. You get in- creased output over the entire rpm range and a smoother charge to the battery. That means more power for accessories like lights, electronics and heated clothing. The increased low speed output is a must for fuel-injected models. Cycle Electric Inc. offers the 60 series, 70 series and 80 series three-phase systems. Each series has several different kits to fit specific models and years.

The CE-60A is a three-phase kit for 1970-1984 rigid mount 4 speed big twins with the stock regulator bracket mounted to the kickstand bracket. (No picture shown) The CE-61A will fit 1980-88 rubber mount 5 speed FLH-FLT & FXR. (Also see CE-71A kit) (For 89-98 FLH-FLT see CE-81A) The CE-62A will upgrade 1991-98 all Dyna® & 1984-99 all Softail®


The CE-62ANB is a three phase kit with a special regulator and battery eliminator capaci- tor for use without a battery. The ultra smooth three phase output makes this system a good choice for no battery operation. Note: Must use a magneto for ignition. Also see CE-22ANB The CE-63T is a direct replacement for the stock system on 2001-06 Softail®. The CE-64T is a direct replacement for the stock system on 2004-05 Dyna®.


The CE-67T will upgrade 1999-03 Dyna® to three phase. It is the same as the CE- 62A but has a twin cam stator. The CE-68T will upgrade 2000 Softail® to three phase. The CE-69S will fit 1991-03 Sportsters® The CE-69S-04 will fit 2004-06 1200 Sportsters® The CE-69S-07 will fit 2007-12 Sportsters® ( Stator and regulator only) This kit uses the stock rotor. It will fit 883 & 1200. The 70 series kits produce 25 amps @ 1000 RPM and 50 amps @2500 RPM. The stator in the 70 series is a slimmed down version of the larger 80 series. This allows maximum power on models where the full size stator will not fit. They are ideal for running extra lights and heated clothing. The CE-71A will fit 1984-88 rubber mount 5 speed FLH-FLT & FXR. Highly recommended for dressers to keep them charging at an idle. This will stop the voltmeter from taking a dive and keep the blinkers flashing at idle. (For 89-98 FLH-FLT see CE-81A) The CE-73T will upgrade 2001-06 Softail® models from a 38 to a 45 amp system. The CE-74T will upgrade 99-03 Dyna® models from a 38 to a 45 amp system. 70 Series 45 Amp Three Phase Kits




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