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Alternator Kits Cycle Electric Inc. Alternator kits combine our state of the art stators with our legendary bullet proof rectifying regulators and a stock H.D. Rotor. They offer better low speed output and a smoother charge to the battery. You will not find a more durable, longer lasting charging system. They are 100%American made. See the applications chart on page 10 for the proper year fitment. The CE-22A is a 22 amp kit that will fit any Shovel Head or Evo. Ideal for the lightly accessorized bike that normally uses 15 amps or less. The CE-22ANB is a 22 amp kit with a special regulator and battery eliminator capacitor for use without a battery. Note: Must use a magneto for ignition.

The CE-32A is a 32 amp kit for 1989-98. It will fit 1970-88 with the CE-8120 shim kit. The CE-32AL is for Softail® and custom bikes with the battery in a horseshoe oil tank. It comes with a “L” regulator specially tuned for the higher battery temperature.

The CE-22AP, CE-32AP and CE-32ALP kits use a new style wire harness on the stator and regulators. The stator wires have a rubber grommet to seal where they come through the case. They extend 9 inches from the case with a plug on the end. The regulator also has 9 inches of wire with a mating plug. The regulator can mount in the original location or be relocated, which makes them a good choice for customs. Extra wire can be run under the frame and zip tied out of the way.

The CE-32T is a 32-amp kit for twin cam models. It will fit any twin cam motor. The CE-32TL comes with a low voltage regulator for bikes with a horseshoe oil tank. Recommended for bikes that normally use up to 24 amps. No Picture Shown.

CE-38A, CE-38T, CE-45A, CE-48T

Cycle Electric Inc. has discontinued the 38,45 and 48 amp single-phase kits. All parts for these systems will still be sold separately. We feel our 80 series 50-amp three phase kits provide a much better value. They give better output and durability and cost less. Indian Chief Alternator Kits The IN-32A is a 32-amp single-phase system designed to replace the stock system on Gilroy Powerplus Indian Chiefs. It includes the stock connecter to plug in to the factory wire harness The IN-62A is designed to upgrade Gilroy Powerplus Indian Chiefs to the 38 amp three-phase system. It is similar to the CE-62A kit and includes a connecter on the output wires to plug into the factory Indian wire harness.


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