Saddlemen Catalogue



The ideal cover for a motorcycle must exhibit many features, and Saddlemen utilizes the best material, Saddlehyde™, which provides the optimum combination of good looks, comfort and durability. First, Saddlehyde™, has a luxurious look and feel due to its leather grain and soft touch feel. Second, Saddlehyde™ has a built in compliance, or stretch, that enhances the gel and foam characteristics for increased comfort.

Many other materials, including many leathers, are more board like and prevent the foam or gel from doing their job of softening your ride. Third, motorcycle seats are exposed to some of the worst conditions imaginable; bright sun, heat, rain and constant flexing, conditions that ruin the looks and durability of ordinary materials. Saddlehyde™ excels in these conditions and constant application of conditioners is not required.


Saddlemen® seats have long been noted for their comfort, style and quality. The innovators at Saddlemen® have been hard at work, designing new styles and adding new applications for the latest models. All new designs are a result of our Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each new seat. What you get is a seat that looks and fits perfectly on your bike - no generic, “one size fits all” styling.

IDP™ balances the combination of important features as the seat’s contoured design, Gel-Core Technology with it’s integrated SaddleGel™, Progressive Density Foam, SaddleHyde™ and other compliant coverings address all seat comfort issues - optimal support, perennial relief, shock absorption and vibration isolation to provide a high level of comfort and freedom from anatomical issues while simultaneously providing our signature styling.


Our unique Co-mold process is the largest comfort advancement in motorcycle seating since the creation of the suspension. THE CUSHION LAYER - The top sculpted layer is the sensory layer. It cushions and provides that nice soft touch.

THE ABSORPTION LAYER - The middle layer isolates vibration, absorbs and dampens shock, disperses the pressure and promotes blood flow which alleviates hot spots created by foam only seating solutions. THE SUPPORT LAYER - The bottom layer “the shell” is the stability layer. The polyurethane substructure completes the seating foundation to provide a truly unique riding experience.

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