Saddlemen Catalogue



Saddlemen is an American company specializing in motorcycle seats and luggage. Known as the “Gel Seat Experts” since 1987 it has been our goal to improve comfort, control, and the overall riding experience for millions of motorcyclists around the world.


At Saddlemen we understand the importance of listening to our customers. We also believe in sharing our 30 years of industry and riding experience to help fellow riders make informed decisions about the seats and luggage they might choose for their motorcycle. Although we believe strongly in our products, we also pride ourselves on providing unbiased information based on years of research, scientific study, and our own personal experiences as riders to help you better understand how to increase your enjoyment of riding.


We are committed to participating on Facebook and other social platforms because we feel we can provide authentic value to the community, and we encourage every rider to engage one of our friendly product specialists who are here to help in any way they can.

Thank you, Team Saddlemen

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