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Jagg Oil Coolers 101 What you need to know

The Jagg philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality oil coolers and com- ponents with an engineered balance between performance and flow. “Why do I need an oil cooler?” The closer to optimum temperature an engine's oil runs, the longer the engine will run...it's as simple as that. Why oil coolers? Properly cooling the oil in any air/oil-cooled engine is imperative to optimal performance and component longevity. Cool oil helps engines last longer...it's as simple as that! However, merely cooling your bike's vital fluid is not enough. It has become increasingly import- ant on modern V-Twins to consider oil cooling from a systems approach. Superior performance doesn't make much sense if pressure drop hin- ders the delivery of the cool oil to the internal components of the motor that require cooling and lubricating. What sets Jagg apart? Jagg’s unique HyperFlow Technology is the engineered balance between per-

system flow.

Air flow, fins, oil flow, turbulators, brazing tech- nology, metal finish, oil filter adapter design, thermostat- ic actuator, etc., are each components maximized to contribute to the overall system. It is only when each individual component is con-

Vertical Frame-Mount style part # 750-1000 “Deluxe”

sidered in relation to its contribution to the whole that a true systems approach can be claimed. Which Jagg oil cooler should I choose? Jagg has a number of options available to meet the cooling needs of the modern V-Twin. Oil cooler kits are available in fan-assisted or non-fan-assisted configurations, in either 6-row

or 10-row sizes, can be chosen for either a vertical frame-mount in the direct-airflow, or a low-profile LowMount that hides below the voltage regulator– you’ve got options! Choose a 10-row oil cooler for the most demanding applications, and opt for a fan if

Horizontal LowMount part # 750-2380

formance and flow—built into every component. It should first be described as a “systems” way of thinking. It is an entire orga- nizational dynamic ded- icated to your vehicle’s oil cooling system. The study and implementation

you tend to get hot in traffic. The fans run on an automatic switch that’s included in the kit. Speaking of... What’s included? All Jagg oil cooler systems are sold with everything you need for a com- plete, application-specific installation, including full easy-to-follow installation instructions.

of the best possible engineered balance between oil cooler performance and oil

Densely packed, mini-louvred air fins (top) provide unmatched heat exchange performance, while in- ternal oil turbulators (bottom) stir oil as it passes through the oil tubes for maximum cooling.


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