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Jagg LowMount Fan-assisted Oil Cooler System Part # 751-FP2300

Product Information The Jagg 10-row LowMount Fan-assisted oil cooler system was designed to perform as well at low vehicle speeds and in stop-and-go traffic as on the open highway. The Jagg 10-row, 2-pass oil cooler was engineered to exceed the cooling demands of the modern V-Twin motorcycle, and the low-profile Jagg WeatherTek fan operates au- tomatically to pull air through the oil cooler when- ever the wind doesn’t quite fill your sails. Product Features • 10-row, 2-pass Jagg oil cooler design • Integrated Jagg WeatherTek Fan pulls 75cfm of wind through the oil cooler when low vehi- cle speeds demand more airflow • LowMount mounting design hides oil cooler neatly behind fender for unencumbered ap- pearance • High-flow oil filter adapter (included!) features an automatic thermal by-pass – only cools oil

when it’s hot • Designed with HyperFlow Technology: the engineered balance between performance & flow • Includes everything for a quick and easy in- stallation • Installation time measured in minutes — extra riding time measured in years!


Horizontal LowMount Fan-assisted









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