Cycle Electric Catalogue

Regulators for Generators The model 65A 12 volt generator is rated at 10 amps. It is capable of producing 25 to 30 amps; however, if you draw 20 amps out of a 10 amp generator it will burn up within 20 minutes. It is the regulator’s job to limit the amps from the generator to 10 amps. We recommend testing your regulator when installing a new generator. Some regulators do not regulate amps. DO NOT USE THESE. To insure proper regulation we recommend using a Cycle Electric Regulator.





L Series Regulators “L” = Low Voltage Regulator

All Cycle Electric, Inc. regulators have battery saving features built into them. On models with horse shoe oil tanks we take this one step further. Horse shoe oil tanks heat up your battery. As battery temperature increases the chemical reaction between lead and acid speeds up. Therefore the battery will draw more amps with the same voltage applied. To prevent over charging (battery boil out) it is necessary to reduce charging voltage. Full amperes are still available for accessories. The “L” Series Regulators are a low voltage unit for use with the battery in the oil tank.


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