Cycle Electric Catalogue

Charging Systems for American V-Twins Top Quality Made In U.S.A

Cycle Electric Inc is the leading manufacturer of high quality American made charging systems for use on Harley Davidson® and other American made V Twin motorcycles. We manufacture all of our generators, regulators, rectifying regulators and stators in our Brookville Ohio factory. This is the only way to control quality. We purchase our rotors from Harley Davidson®. We offer 46 complete changing systems to cover from 1936 to present day. Cycle Electric Inc. components are designed to deliver better-output and increased durability. Mission statement Cycle Electric Inc. is dedicated to producing the highest quality longest lasting electrical charging systems and components for America made V Twin motorcycles. Our first priority is quality. Our second priority is customer service. All Cycle Electric Inc. regulators are built to last. We start with a rugged design capable of handling overloads and continuous operation. Then we use only top quality materials and military spec. assembly procedures to ensure a low failure rate and long service life. REGULATORS FOR GENERATORS

CE-100 Series Regulators For use on 6 and 12 volt generators

The CE-100 series regulators accurately control voltage and current. Accurate voltage control is necessary to maintain proper battery charging rate. Accurate current control is very impor- tant to get maximum power without causing generator damage. CE-500 Series Regulators

The CE-500, CE-500L and CE-506 are designed as part of the DGV-5000, DGV- 5000L and DGV-5006 generators with built in regulator (see page 4). The “A” and “F” wires connect internally. The CE-500 series regulators are sold as a re- placement part for the DGV-5000 series generators. Thay are not designed to go on other generators.

CE-540 Series Regulators The CE-540 and CE-540L are designed to fit Model 65A 12-volt generators. The CE-546 is designed to fit Model 61 6-volt generators. These regulators replace the end bell and become a structural part of the generator. The “A” and “F” wires connect externally to the existing generator terminals. The current limiting cir- cuit senses armature temperature and adjusts available out put to allow maximum amperes without over heating the armature. This gives you more power for faster battery recharging and cooler operation for longer generator life.


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