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License plate frames.

License plate reflectors by the tub. Available in amber, green, blue, and red.

Part no: 0600 Chrome license plate packaged in clamshell 0601 Chrome license plate/4 amber reflectors 0602 Chrome license plate/4 red reflectors 0603 Chrome license plate/4 blue reflectors 0604 Chrome license plate/4 green reflectors 0610 Black license plate in clamshell 0611 Black license plate/4 amber reflectors 0612 Black license plate/4 red reflectors 0613 Black license plate/4 blue reflectors 0614 Black license plate/4 green reflectors

Sold in tubs of 150 and 40.

Part no: CH150R CH150A CH150B CH150G CH40R CH40A CH40B CH40G

Tub of 150 red reflectors Tub of 150 amber reflectors Tub of 150 blue reflectors Tub of 150 green reflectors Tub of 40 red reflectors Tub of 40 amber reflectors Tub of 40 blue reflectors Tub of 40 green reflectors

Part no: 0620 Inspection plate used in states that require inspection stickers to be placed in a visible area.

Attractive packaging !!

Part no: CH4R 4 red reflectors/pkg. CH4A 4 amber reflectors/pkg. CH4B 4 blue reflectors/pkg. CH4G 4 green reflectors/pkg.

Part no: CHB 100 License plate fasteners. Available in the bulk. 100 fasteners per pack.

2 1/2 " round reflectors Available in red and amber Stud and nut or adhesive back Part no: RR1A (amber, stud/nut) RR1R (red, stud/nut) RR2A (amber, adhesive back) RR2R (red, adhesive back)

Blue Dots Part no: 0530 (Acrylic) bulk 0530-4 (Acrylic) 4 pack 0550 (Glass) bulk 0550-2 (Glass) 2 pack

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