Burly Brand Catalogue



#Available for Sportster, Dyna, Softail and HD Touring Models #Easy to Install #Black or Chrome

Dropped fork springs and stubby shocks in one easy to install and price-friendly kit. The Slammer Kit does not require disassembly of the forks and can be installed with the front end still on the bike on most models (FLH requires fork legs to come off)! The entire Slammer kit is set up to go from box to bike in under an hour with just basic tools on Sportsters and Dynas! (FLH requires fork legs to be slid down to access cap, but leg does not have to be disassembled).

Sportster: Part #: B28-1200 - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Chrome Part #: B28-1201 - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Chrome Dyna: Part #: B28-1202 - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Chrome Bagger: Part #: B28-1203 - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Chrome

(Softail Slammer Kit pictured above)

Sportster: Part #: B28-1000 - Slammer Kit Part #: B28-1001 - Slammer Kit Part #: B28-1001B - Slammer Kit - Black Dyna: Part #: B28-1002 - Slammer Kit Part #: B28-1003 - Slammer Kit Part #: B28-1003B - Slammer Kit - Black Bagger: Part #: B28-1004 - Slammer Kit Softail: Part #: B28-1005 - Slammer Kit Part #: B28-1006 - Slammer Kit

Sportster: Part #: B28-1200B - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Black Part #: B28-1201B - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- Black Dyna: Part #: B28-1202B - Slammer Shocks 10.5”- FXD - Black



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