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67($/7+ 683(5&2,/ .,76 The all new ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil is the hottest looking and best performing ignition coil on the market. We’ve taken proven automotive technology and adopted it to the Harley Twin Cam and Evolution Sportster engines. The ACCEL Stealth SuperCoil eliminates the need for ignition wires forever by mounting the coil directly to the spark plug. A beautiful cast aluminum cover holds the coil in place and acts as a functional heat sink to pull heat away from the cylinder head. All wiring is hidden in the fins of the head for a clean and custom look. We’ve utilized high quality Delphi connectors for a simple plug and play installation, no cutting or splicing into your wiring harness. Features include everything you would expect from an ACCEL SuperCoil including faster rise time, higher voltage and maximum spark energy to the plugs. Like all of our SuperCoils, the Stealth SuperCoils are covered by ACCEL’s famous limited lifetime warranty. )HDWXUHV DQG %HQHILWV • A patent pending design that mounts the coil directly to the spark plug • Easy installation without cutting or splicing wires • A cosmetic upgrade for a custom, clean and wireless appearance • Maximum spark energy directly to the spark plugs • ACCEL’s Limited Lifetime Warranty






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